Air-Evac® Starfish™

  • Hand’s free automatic discharge
  • Reduces residuals without labor-intensive wringing, scraping or cleaning
  • Air never contacts or contaminates stored product
  • Uses standard shop air
  • Works with a broad range of product viscosities
  • Features bottom discharge for easier content removal


  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • Capacity: Nominal 3000 pounds
  • Size: 330 gallon liquid liner
  • Air Requirements: Shop air @ 60-80 psi input

How it works

  Click here to view the Starfish™ liner discharge video.

The unique configuration of the liner is what gives the Air-Evac® Starfish™ its name. The liner-in-liner system prevents air and other contaminants from touching the product.

  1. With the Air-Evac® Starfish™, a stainless-steel discharge tube is inserted through the top port and spanner bar. Anti-suction geometry cathedral windows at the bottom of the tube prevent the liner from being drawn into the tube. Regulated shop air is attached to the inlet tube.
  2. As air is pumped into the Air-Evac® Starfish™ liner, product is forced toward the center discharge tube. The Air-Evac® liner inflates automatically as product is pumped out, reducing residuals and virtually eliminating waste.
  3. Unique pockets in the Air-Evac® Starfish™ liner continue to inflate and move product toward the center discharge tube. As the inner liner collapses, product continues to pool in the center for fast, complete discharge.